Daniel Casey

TELEVISION (includes)

2016, Tom Finlay, 'Coronation Street', ITV, Duncan Foster
2015, Mick, 'Casualty', BBC, Dave Beauchamp
2014, Freddie, 'Casualty', BBC, David Innes Edwards
2012, Rob Wainwright, 'Casualty', BBC, Greame Harper
2011, Scott Maynard, 'Marchlands', ITV productions, James Kent
2011, Alan Charlton, 'George Gently', BBC, Daniel O'Hara
2010, Tom Salt, 'Doctors', BBC, Claire Holman
2008, Special Agent Shaw, 'MI High', Kudos For BBC, Matt King
2008, Mark Cooper, 'Doctors', BBC Television
2007, Sgt Troy, 'Midsomer Murders', Bentley Productions, Peter Smith
2006, David Hibbert, 'The Royal', Yorkshire Television, Tim Dowd
2006, Paul Brookes, 'The Bill', Talkback Thames, Richard Signy
2006, Simon Wolsey, 'Doctors', BBC Television, Ian Barber
2005, Dr Garrett, 'Hex 2', Shine Ltd, Andy Goddard
2005, Captain Henderson, 'The Marchioness Disaster', Yorkshire Television, Ken Horn
2004, Tony Barnes, 'Steel River Blues', Yorkshire Television, Various Directors
2003, Simon Webster, 'Murder in Surburbia', Carlton Television, Ed Bennett
2003, Donald Gibbs, 'Silent Witness', BBC Television
2002, Sgt Troy (6 Series), 'Midsomer Murders', Bentley Productions, Various Directors


2015, Roger Shears, The Curious Incident of the Dig in the Nighttime, The National Theatre, Marianne Elliot/ Katy Rudd
2013, Roger Shears, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, National Theatre, Marianne Elliot/Katy Rudd
2012, Ray Malcolm, Star Quality, Ian Fricker Productions, Joe Harmeston
2011, Ray Malcolm, Star Quality, Ian Fricker Productions, Joe Harmeston
2009, Mr Farthing, Kes, Liverpool Playhouse/Touring Consortium, Nikolai Foster
2009, Bernard 1, Bernard 2 and Michael, A Number, Manchester Library Theatre, Sarah Punshun, (Nominated Best Actor MEN Awards)
2007, Wise Man Frankincense, The Flint Street Nativity, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse, Matthew Lloyd
2007, Merton Denver, The Wings of the Dove, Stage Further Productions, Mark Piper
2006, Chris, On the Piste, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Paul Raffield
2003, Daniel, The Safari Party, Hampstead Theatre, Alan Ayckbourn
2002, Daniel, The Safari Party, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Alan Ayckbourn