John Bowler


2016, Dr John Wallace (series regular), 'DCI Banks', LBPictures, Craig Pickles, Mark Brozel
2015, Catus Decianus, 'Barbarians Rising', October Films, Simon George
2015, Ron Renwick, 'Holby City', BBC, Jermain Julien, Nigel Douglas
2015, Mr Johnson, 'Dark Angel', ITV, Brian Percival
2014, Ass.Chief Const. Arthur Coulson, 'WPC56', BBC, Lisa Clarke
2013, Assist. Chief Const. Coulson, 'WPC 56', BBC, Niall Fraser/ James Larkin
2012, Chief Supt Arthur Coulson, 'WPC56', BBC Birmingham, Ian Barbour/ Niall Fraser
2012, Sam hamilton, 'True Crimes', Freemantle/ITV, Jake Riddell
2012, George Lansley, 'Young Dracula', BBC, Simon Massey
2012, Bernie Watts, 'George Gently', Company Pictures, Gillies Mackinnon
2011, John Ebden, 'Doctors', BBC Television, Brett Fallis
2011, Alan, 'Casualty', BBC Television, Will Sinclair
2011, Gregor Browning, 'Law and Order', Kudos, Julian Holmes
2004-2010, Roger Valentine, 'The Bill', TalkbackThames, various directors
2004, Mick Hammond, 'Steel River Blues', Granada Television, Tim Dowd & Graham Harper
2003, Ethan Black, 'Crossroads', Carlton Television, Various Directors
2002, Dougie Slade, 'Eastenders', BBC Television, Various Directors
2002, Walter, 'Keen Eddie', Paramount, Tony Bill
2002, John Wilding, 'Coronation Street', Granada Television, various directors
2001, Bert Cartwright, 'Born And Bred', BBC Television, Johnny Campbell
2001, Mark Cunningham, 'Casualty', BBC Television, Nic Phillips
2001, Colin Armitage, 'Merseybeat', BBC Television, Richard Signy
2000, Mr Sabini, 'Urban Gothic', Channel 5, Omar Madhur
2000, Mike Pullen, 'Peak Practice', Central Television, Various Directors
1999, Terry Blaine, 'Grafters', Granada Television, D.Thacker/D.Brighouse
1999, Mike Pullen, 'Peak Practice', Central Television, Various Directors
1998, Wilkinson, 'Kizco', Granada Television, Stephen Whittaker
1998, Wilton, 'Unsuitable Job For A Woman', Ecosse Films, Mary McMurray
1997, Badon, 'Cadfael', Carlton Television, Mary McMurray
1996, Pep, 'Crocodile Shoes', BBC Television, Roger Bamford/Baz Taylor


2014, Bill, It Just Stopped!, OrangeTreeTheatre, David Antrobus
2013, Andy, Unrivalled Landscape, The Orange Tree, Alexander Lass
2011, Brian, Alchemy in the U.K., Nuffield Theatre company Southampton, Patrick Sandford
2004, Jean Louis, Beauty and the Beast, RSC, Laurence Boswell
1999, Bruce Delamitri, Popcorn, Phil McIntyre Productions, Laurence Boswell/Ben Elton

Also including: 
Stanitsin,  A Patriot for Me, RSC, Peter Gill
Jackie, Operation Elvis, RSC/Almeida, Michael McNally
Borachio, Much Ado About Nothing, RSC, Ron Daniels
Prince of Morocco, Merchant of Venice, RSC, Roger Michell
Collot, The Danton Affair, RSC, Ron Daniels
Jimmy Porter, Look Back in Anger, Tour/Europe, Len Ring
The Soldier, The Soldiers Tale, C.B.S.O., Simon Rattle
Clov, Endgame, Belgrade Coventry, Simon Dunmore
Maxi, Comic Cuts, Southampton, Peter Wilson
Mick, Justa Kick in The Grass, Southampton, David Gilmore
Man, Waiting, Lyric Hammersmith, Sarah Pia Anderson
Peter, No Sex Please- We're British, The Strand (John Gale), Alan Davies
Joseph, Joseph AtatDreamcoat, Plymouth, Bob Hamlin
Trevor, Funny Peculiar, Plymouth, Peter Wilson
Harry In The Night, Stoke-on-Trent, Peter Cheeseman
Ken Cambell Road Show, Stoke-on-Trent, Nick Darke


2012, Vince Jenkins, 'Harrigan', TallTree Productions, Vincent Woods
1997, Scarface, 'Heartbreak City', Arte/Le Sabre, Stephen Whittaker
James, 'The Tribe', Stephen Poliakoff
John, 'The Funeral', Neil Harris