Maryam D’Abo

FILM (Includes)

2015, Elena, 'El Maestro De Altamira', Morena Productions, Hugh Hudson
2015, Maggie, 'Tigers', ASAP Films, Danis Tanovic
2014, Maggie, 'Tigers', Archer Street Ltd., Danis Tanovic
2008, Gladys, 'Dorian Gray', Dorian Gray Films Ltd, Oliver Parker
2004, Julie, the mistress, 'Hell', A.S.A.P. Films, Davis Tanovic
2003, Nathalie, 'San Antonio', Claude Berry
1998, Lead - the wife to be, 'The Seachange', Winchester Productions, Michael Bray
1994, A teacher's wife, 'The Browning Version', Ridley Scott, Mike Figgis
1992, The wife, 'Solitare for Two', Gary Sinyor, Gary Sinyor
1989, The Vamp Non Jewish Girlfriend, 'Leon The Pig Farmer', Gary Sinyor, Vadim Jean
1988, The mistress, 'Until September- Michael Gruskoff', MGM, Richard Marquant
1987, Kara Milovy, 'The Living Dayllights', EON/United Artists, John Glenn


2014, Madam Claude, 'X Company', Camp X Productions, John Strickland
2012, Frederika, 'Utopia', Kudos, Wayne Yip
2012, Mme Shoshanna, '13 Steps Down', ITV, Marek Losey
2005, Danish Queen, 'The Prince and Me'
2002, Amalia Guishar, 'Doctor Zhivago', Granada Television, Giacomo Campiotti
2002,  Queen Hecuba, 'Helen of Troy', USA Network, John Kent Harris
1991, The magicians assistant, 'Tales From The Crypt', Dick Donner Productions, HBO
1989, Lead 1988-1989, 'Something Is Out There', NBC TV - Frank Luppo, Richard Cola
1985, The consul's wife, 'Coup De Loeur', Antenner, Pierre Larry
1985, Anna, 'Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less', BBC Television, Clyve Donner
1984, The daughter, 'The Scarecrow', Antenne 2, Maroun Bagdadi

THEATRE (Includes)

2001, Inesse Armand, Lenin In Love, Sebastian Breaks, Actions and Words, New End Theatre, David Beaton
1995, Macon Hill, Abundance, Harold Sanderton, Riverside Studio, Lisa Forrell
1984, Roxanne - lead, Cyrano de Berjerac, Grenier de Toulouse, Maurice Sarazzin
1982, Varinia - lead, Spartarcus, Theatre Du 8, Jacques Weber