Olivier Breulis



 Julius Caeser D. Warner Chaillot Th. France
 Le Montreur Zein A. Batis Tour - France
 Ivanov Kossykh Serge Lipszyc Tour - France
 Decomposition Jos Houben Tour - France
 The Green Bird Brighella S. Gallet Tour - France
 Party Time Fred R. Loyon Fest. Avignon
Life is a Dream Alstophe P. Lera Tour - France
The Pickaxe Giovanni J.C. Penchenat Tour - France
L’ Avare Lorenzo J.C. Penchenat Tour - France

Song of Love
and Death of C. Rilke The Marquis G. Segal National Theatre

Ivanov Kossykh Serge Lipszyc Tour - France
Fantastic Night Susana Lastreto Tour - France
The Satin Shoe Alferes Pierre Vial Tour - France

What Does
Marrianne Want? Coelio Rene Jauneau Tour - France

Master Puntilla
and his Servant
Matti The Lawyer Rene Jauneau Corsica - France

The Pillows Tribe G. Epron Corsica - France
Taps, Taps and Coppa A. Boon Edinburgh Festival
Pavement Songs Martin Barbaz Fest. Avignon
Caucasian Chalk Circle Singer Martin Barbaz Festival Avignon
The Seagull Treplev E.Tamiz Vict Th. Singapore
Dinner is Ready Der Meulen Cult. Th. Singapore
Slaughter Game Peter E. Tamiz Cult. Ctr-Hong Kong
Timon of Athens Flavius D. Wong Victoria Th. Singapore
Les Diabloguea One Man Show A. Lahirles Cult. Ctr-Singapore
The Odd Couple Felix D. Wong Victoria Th. Singapore
Taipan A. Wilson Drama Ctre Hong Kong


Brigades du Tigre Inspector Roget J.Cornuau
Wonderland Mark D. Athanitis


Skyland Tibald E.Gorinstein Nickelodeon USA, ITV
Ludvinas Choice


Eight Frames a Second Le Prince BBC Radio