Anthony Ekundayo Lennon



Director Zone 3 Theatre 503, April 2016

Director Othello Birmingham School of Acting (Patrick Centre) February 2016

Director George Theatre 503 (Rapid Write Response) November 2015

Director Article 8 Theatre 503 (Rapid Write Response) October 2015

Director Othello (Public Understudy Run) Royal Shakespeare Theatre, June 2015

Assistant Director (Dir. Iqbal Khan) Othello RSC – Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Feb – August 2015

Assistant Director (Dir. Michael Buffong) Moon On a Rainbow Shawl Talawa & National Theatre Tour, Jan – April 2014

Assistant Director (Dir. Lucian Msamati) Nhamo the Manyika Warrior and His Sexy Wife Chipo Tricycle Theatre, August 2013

Assistant Director (Dir. Ola Animashawun) The Ship (Surprise Theatre) Royal Court Theatre, July 2013

Assistant Director (Dir. Gemma Weekes) SewKee MmeGa – Alien from Inner Space! Rich Mix, April 2013

Co-Mentor (with Jonzi D) The Light, Waste man & Deconstruct Lilian Baylis Theatre, March 2013

Director Time-lapse Kogan School of Acting, February 2013

Co-Mentor (with Jonzi D) Why Can’t B-Girls Be Girls? Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sept 2012

Director Enter Talawa at the Embassy Theatre, August 2012

Director Rise (Reading) Talawa Theatre Studio, June 2012

Director A Short Lime/British Black Plays (Readings) NT Cottesloe, April/May 2012

Staff Director (Dir. Michael Buffong) Moon On a Rainbow Shawl National Theatre, Jan - June 2012

Director Crabs (Reading for Writers Avenue) Soho Theatre Upstairs, Aug 2011

Co-Mentor (with Jonzi D) Evol Lillian Baylis Theatre, Apr 2011

Assistant Director (Dir. Michael Buffong) Crawling in the Dark Almeida Theatre, Apr 2011

Director Talawa Curtain Raiser for ‘Krunch’ Albany Theatre, Mar 2011

Writer/Director Faith Stratford Circus Studio, Mar 2011

Director Love Heals Stratford Circus Studio, Feb 2011

Writer/Director Faith Stratford Circus Studio, Oct 2010

Co-Mentor (with Jonzi D) Jonzi D’s The Surgery Albany Theatre, Sept 2010

Director Winsome’s Daughter (Reading) Talawa Theatre at Young Vic Studio, May 2010

Co-Director (with Amanda Huxtable) The Dressmakers Gift The Actor’s Studio, Liverpool March 2010

Assistant/Resident Director (Dir. Debbie Allen) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Novello Theatre, Nov 2009-Apr 2010

Assistant Director (Dir. Chuck Mike) The African Company Presents Richard III Collective Artistes UK tour, 2009

Writer/Director Sick Man of Europe Walsall Primary Care Trust, 2008

Writer/Director Good Thoughts/Bad Thoughts East London NHS Trust meeting rooms, 2008

Writer/Director States of Mind Stereo-Hype at Chats Palace, 2007

Director Embryonica Birmingham Arts Festival, 2003

A multi-artist genre collaboration, fusing spoken word, drama, urban break beats, mime, body popping, classical African, Indian and Chinese dance. Finale piece on the main festival stage, featuring artists including Soweto Kinch, Anurekha Ghosh and Benji Reid.

Director + Co-Choreographer with Gail Parmel Believe The Hype Contact Theatre, Manchester, Main Stage, 2002

An interdisciplinary piece written by Courttia Newland exploring dreams and nightmares featuring drama, rap, DJ battles and dance. A cast of 55 performers who were a mix of professional artists and local community members.

Assistant Director (Dir. Amani Naphtali) Ragamuffin UK National Tour, 2002 Hit musical inspired by

CLR James’ ‘Black Jacobins. Explored the Haitian Revolution 1804 and the Broadwater Farm Uprising 1985.

Director Innit D’Oh Kuumba Arts, Leicester 2001

Devised play exploring the concept of birth, life, death and the ‘afterlife’ within the context of the historical and psychological impact of African enslavement. The piece sought to provide an appreciation of African Caribbean culture in the UK by 13 -19 year old’s.

Director @Heart Camden People’s Theatre, 2001

Devised play developed using group discussion, improvisation and drawing upon the personal experiences of the cast, as part of the Camden Youth Theatre Project. @Heart explored ideas around destiny and synchronicity.